Race Summary

3YO Canadian Horse of the Year

2 10 2 2 1 $51,435
3 24 8 4 5 $1,112,739
TOTAL 34 10 6 6 $1,164,174


Race Career

A 1:54.4 juvenile performer, WESTERN TERROR was an absolute superstar at 3. Winner of the $555,000 3YO Breeders Crown, $350,000 Windy City Pace, $335,000 Cane Pace,  $235,000 Tattersalls Stake in a career best 1:48.3, $85,000 Bluegrass Stake, a heat of the Little Brown Jug and a heat of the Progress Stake. 



  • Sensational International & World Champion Sire
  • In North America, Sire of 24 in 1:50 or Faster, 250 in 1:55 and 425 in 2:00.
  • $47.4 Million in North American Progeny Earnings
  • 9 Millionaires - More than 120 Winners of Over $100,000
  • $75,265 Average Earnings per Lifetime Starter
  • Classic Pedigree with 3 Generations of Breeders Crown Champions
  • From Only 4 Southern Hemisphere Crops to Race, Sire of 168 Starters, 117 Winners, 113 in 2:00 and 22 $100,000+ Winners
  • $8.1 Million+ in Progeny Earnings in Australia & New Zealand
  • $38,609 Average Earnings per AU Starter
  • 7 Individual Group 1 Winners including twice New Zealand Horse of the Year TERROR TO LOVE NZ


Please Note - These are Australian performances only.

Horse Dam Starts Wins Placings Stakes Fastest
Group 1
Terror To Love Love To Live (Live Or Die) 61 31 15 $2,317,763 1:51.0 1
Baby Bling Alldatglittersisgold (Caprock) 55 21 10 $854,490 1:50.5 3
Im Corzin Terror Corzanello (Totally Ruthless) 80 21 26 $503,074 1:52.2 1
Terrorway Rejoicing (Sands A Flyin) 33 18 4 $388,309 1:52.6 2
Vertigal Height Of Wisdom (Stature) 37 11 15 $317,380 1:55.8 2
Terror Time Kotare Cameo (Camtastic) 73 23 20 $295,424 1:54.5 1
Dynamite Denn Nee Russian Rocket (Pacific Rocket) 224 22 53 $292,527 1:52.9 0
Go West U Terror Pocket Rain (In The Pocket) 101 21 18 $273,367 1:54.8 1
Gumdrops Awesome Powers (Walton Hanover) 86 19 17 $256,910 1:53.1 1
My Dusky Sound Zenorita (New York Motoring) 104 19 30 $255,142 1:53.0 0
Blazing Terror Forgiven (Perfect Art) 231 36 48 $232,904 1:54.6 0
One Eyed Terror Sweet Shania (Fake Left) 254 45 64 $229,226 1:54.9 0
Lovable Larrikin Eden Chanal (Albert Albert) 186 32 39 $228,580 1:53.1 0
Western Rockstar The Ruling Star (Sokys Atom) 105 20 26 $224,227 1:51.9 0
Classy Western Classy Dream (Dream Away) 161 22 35 $198,802 1:55.0 0
Wynberg Terror Wynberg Lass () 159 24 35 $188,104 1:53.8 0
Chal Fire Chal Roco (Live Or Die) 150 18 50 $175,976 1:54.8 0
Western Blaze Gemfire (Torado Hanover) 205 25 46 $171,220 1:53.7 0
Johnny Fox Ivy Rose () 67 16 12 $170,507 1:53.3 0
Erle Dale Cath Hanover (Vance Hanover) 42 18 13 $154,938 1:51.8 0
Lightning Joy Lady Joy (Talk About Class) 73 14 22 $147,300 2:00.0 0
Racy Lacy Fleetness (Tricky Dick) 184 14 48 $133,966 1:59.0 0
Arch On Fire Velvet Arch (Albert Albert) 103 13 32 $132,927 1:56.6 0
Terrifying Whitbys Rhapsodie (Astreos) 104 19 16 $131,200 1:55.3 0
Reign Of Fear Shower Of Roses (Albert Albert) 114 17 37 $127,525 1:53.2 0



Top Australasian Performers

2013 NZ Horse of the Year

TERROR TO LOVE NZ  1:51 ($2,377,125)
WESTERN TERROR - Love To Live - Live Or Die

Miracle Mile & Australia Oaks Champion

BABY BLING NZ  1:50.5 ($854,490)
WESTERN TERROR - Alldatglittersisgold - Caprock

Multiple Group 1 Champion

TERRORWAY NZ  1:52.6 ($388,309)
WESTERN TERROR – Rejoicing - Sands A Flyin

Group 1 Champion

TERROR TIME  1:49.2 ($467,079)
WESTERN TERROR - Kotare Cameo - Camtastic

High Performing Filly

VERTIGAL  2,1:55.8  ($317,380)
WESTERN TERROR - Height Of Wisdom - Stature

Multiple Group & Classic Winner

IM CORZIN TERROR NZ  1:52.2  ($513,219)
WESTERN TERROR - Corzanello - Totally Ruthless

Im Corzin Terror Western Terror Empire Stallions

2014 Queen of Pacific Group 1 Champion

GUMDROPS  1:53.1 ($256,910)
WESTERN TERROR - Awesome Powers - Walton Hanover


From limited Southern Hemisphere Crops to Race, WESTERN TERROR is the sire of over 176 Winners with 133 in 2:00 for Progeny Earnings of over $8.8 Million as well as 7 Individual GROUP 1 winners. Here are just a few of his best performers.

TERROR TO LOVE NZ 1:51 ($2,377,125) – 31 Wins. 2013 New Zealand Horse of The Year. At 2, winner of NZ Sapling Stakes   (GR 3). At 3, Winner of (GR 2) NZ Flying Stakes. At 4, Winner of New Zealand Cup (GR 1), Harness Jewels Emerald  (GR 1), Taylor Mile (GR 1), Canterbury Classic (GR 3), etc. As Aged, winner of $650,000 NZ Trotting Cup (GR1), $250,000 Auckland Cup (GR1), New Zealand Cup (GR 1), Easter Cup (GR 1), Ashburton Flying Stakes (GR2), Harness Jewels Emerald (LC), New Brighton Cup (GR 3), Summer Pacing Cup (GR 3), Northern Southland Cup (GR 3), Decron Cranbourne Cup (GR 1), etc. (Live Or Die)

BABY BLING NZ (M) 1:50.5 ($854,490) –21 Wins. At 3, Australian Oaks Winner (GR 1), Gold Coast Oaks (GR 3). At 4, winner of Winter Championship heat, Press Pace. As Aged, winner of $750,000 Miracle Mile (GR 1 & Grand Circuit Event), Mares Classic at Gloucester Park (GR 1), Goulburn Cup (GR 3), Teeny Teeny Stakes (GR 3), Robin Dundee Stake (GR2), Harness Breeders Vic Richmond Lass (LC), Angelique Club Cup (LC), etc. (Caprock)

IM CORZIN TERROR NZ 1:52.2 ($513,219) – 21 Wins. Winner of Cranbourne Cup (GR2), Bendigo Cup (GR2), back-to-back Maryborough Gold Cups (LC), Terang Cup (LC), Sew Eurodrive (LC), Country Cups Final; second in Tasmaia Cup (GR3), Yarra Valley Cup (LC), etc. (Totally Ruthless)

ERLE DALE NZ  1:49 ($530,223) – 41 Wins. At 2, multiple 2YO Pace winner. At 3, winner of Number One Rewards Pace. At 4, Toyota Pace and Newcastle Pace winner. As Aged, Inter Dominion Pace Day winner at Menangle, Cordina Family FFA, etc.  (Vance Hanover)

TERROR TIME  1:49.2 ($467,079) – 37 Wins. At 2, winner heat and Final $150,000 Nursery Pace (GR1) at Albion Park. Multiple 3YO Open Pace winner at Albion Park. At 4, QBred Triad Final (GR 2), QBred Breeders Classic Listed Final. As Aged, winner of 2014 Autumn Championship; second in 4&5YO Championship. (GR3). (Camtastic)

WESTERN ROCKSTAR 1:50.2 ($417,451) – 28 Wins. At 2, 4 in a row including a heat of the Lombo Series and Australasian Breeders Crown. Mulitple 3YO Pace winner. Winner of Empire 4YO Pace in 2013. As Aged, multiple FFA winner at Menangle, Goulburn, Macarthur Pace, etc.  (Sokys Atom)

TERRORWAY NZ 1:52.6 ($388,309) – 18 Wins. In New Zealand, 6 wins from 6 starts. In Australia, winner 2012 Cranbourne Cup (GR 1), Blacks A Fake Championship at Albion Park (GR 1), Renshaw Cup (GR 2), 4 &  5YO Championship at Albion Park (GR 3), etc. (Sands A Flyin)

TEXAS TERROR 1:51.0 ($322,747) – 27 Wins. Winner of $50,000 George Morton Levy Series Pace division, etc. (Holmes Hanover)

VERTIGAL (M) 1:55.8 ($317,380) – 11 Wins. At 2, winner Semi-Final and Final NSW Breeders Challenge for 2YO Fillies (GR 1), Linden Huntley Memorial Final (GR 2). At 3, winner heat, Semi-Final and Final of NSW Breeders Challenge for 3YO Fillies (GR 1), etc. (Stature)

GO WEST U TERROR NZ 1:55.8 ($273,367) – 21 Wins.Won 6 races at 2 including the heat & Final of the $100,000 2YO Pearl Classic (GR1), 2YO Western Crown, Australasian Breeders Crown heat; second in $125,000 Golden Slipper Final (GR1). At 3, winner of heat of Australasian Breeders Crown; second in Western Derby consolation. As Aged, multiple FFA winner, winner of 3 consecutive MS Pace, etc. (In The Pocket)

DYNAMITE DENN NEE NZ (M) 1:53.2 ($263,752) – 21 Wins. At 2, first start winner; at 3, Colleen Camarda Pace winner in 1:55.4. All age winner of 50th Inner City Pace Heat, Menangle Park Ladyship Pace, Winter Championship Heat & Spring Championship Heat. (Pacific Rocket)

GUMDROPS (M) 1:53.1 ($259,910) – 19 Wins. Winner '14 $100,000 Queen of the Pacific (GR1), Vicbred Platinum mares Sprint Championship heat, Empire Vicbred Pace, Westburn Grant FFA, HBV Make Mine Cullen '16 (GR3), Angelique Club 20th Anniversary Pace '14, Angelique Club Cup '16 (GR3), etc (Walton Hanover)

MY DUSKY SOUND NZ 1:53 ($255,215) – 19 Wins. Winner of heat and Final of $50,000 Smoken Up Championship Final (GR2), Martin Family FFA Pace, Smooth satin Cup, Oberon Cup, Karloo Mick Cup, etc; third in Turnbull Memorial (GR3), Max Laughton Carnival of Cups (GR3), Industry FFA (LC), etc.   (New York Motoring)

ONE EYED TERROR  1:54.9 ($229,226) – 45 Wins. Open winner at 2 & 3. Winner heat and Final of Christmas Cup, multiple Conditioned races, etc. (Fake Left)

LOVABLE LARRIKIN  1:53.7 ($228,580) – 32 Wins. Open Pace winner at 2, 3 & 4. As Aged, winner Burland Pace at Menangle, Victor Harbor Cup, 2014 Pegasus Club Cup, The Stampede FFA etc. (Albert Albert)

BLAZING TERROR 1:54.6 ($220,954) – 36 Wins. Winner 4 in a row at 2 including Paleface Adios Classic. Also QBred Breeders heat and Australasian Breeders Crown heat at 2. At 4, Sports Cup Final. Multiple Conditioned and Open Pace winner at 5. (Perfect Art)

WYNBERG TERROR NZ 1:53.8 ($184,347) – 24 Wins. Multiple MS wins including the Grace Smedley, etc. (Butler B G)

CHAL FIRE NZ 1:55.1 ($163,089) – 17 Wins. Clean sweep of Queensland King of the Claimers series, multiple metro races, etc. (Live Or Die)

CLASSY WESTERN 1:55.0 ($159,692) – 16 Wins. Multiple wins, cinlduing $20,000 Nestle Professional Pace, Summer of Glory Pace, 3rd Vicbred Championship Final (GR3) etc (Dream Away)

LIGHTNING JOY 2:00TR ($147,300) – 14 Wins. Winner Victoria Trotters Derby Heat, Australasian Breeders Crown 3YO Trotters Heat, Central Victorian Trotting Championship Heat, Blackburn Bowls Yarra Valley Trotters Cup, Gunbower Trotters Cup. (Talk About Class)

ARCH ON FIRE (M) 1:56.6 ($132,927) – 13 Wins. Multiple Open Pace winner at 2, & 3; Multiple FFA Pace winner at 4 & 5. (Albert Albert)

TERRIFYING (M) 1:55.3 ($131,200) – 19 Wins. Multiple 3YO Pace winner. Winner of four straight at 4. As Aged, multiple Fillies and Mares Open Winner. (Astreos)

REIGN OF FEAR 1:53.2 ($127,589) – 17 Wins. Winner $20,000 Seymour Rising Stars C3/C4 Championship, $20,000 Seymour Rising Stars C4/C5 Championship. (Albert Albert)

DOMINUS VOBISCUM NZ 1:55.2 ($123,589) – 15 Wins. Multiple MS wins including the SEW Eurodrive, etc. (Sokys Atom)

AROUSING (M) 1:56.6 ($119,663) – 11 Wins. Multiple MS wins including the West Australian Pace, etc. (Christian Cullen)

SON OF LOPEZ 1:55.7 ($117,050) – 22 Wins. Winner at 2 of State Bred Bonus 2YO Pace, in open age, Honouree Stakes Heat winner, Albion Park Pace, Sky Racing Conditioned Pace in 1:55.7, etc. (Armbro Operative)

From 7 North American Crops to Race, Sire of 25 in 1:50, 171 in 1:53, 312 in 1:55, 336 in 1:57, 480 in 1:59 with 117 $100,000+ Winners and Total Progeny Earnings of $46.5 Million. His Average Earnings per Starter stand at an incredible $74,400. To his credit are a USA 2YO Filly of the Year, a Canadian 3YO Filly of the Year, a USA 3YO Filly of the Year, a Canadian 3YO Colt of the Year and numerous Breeders Crown & World Champions. Here are just a few of his best North American Performers. 

WESTERN SILK (M)  2,1:52.1: 3,1:50.1 ($1,729,708)  - 26 Wins. Canadian 3- Year-Old Pacing Filly of the Year. At 2, winner of 2 eliminationss and 3 Ontario Sire Stakes Gold Final, Breeders Crown elimination.  At 3, winner of Jugette elimination and Final, Fan Hanover Final, elimination and Ontario Sire Stakes Gold and Super Gold Final, Canadian Breeders Championship, etc.  At 4, multiple Open and Preferred winner.  Also, winner of Yonkers Matchmaker Series division, multiple Opens, etc. (Jenna’s Beach Boy )

ECONOMY TERROR (M) 2,1:50.3f, 3,1:49 ($1,637,239) - 18 Wins. USA 2-Year-Old Pacing Filly of The Year. World Champion. At 2, winner of Breeders Crown Final, Countess Adios Stake division, International Stallion Stakes division, Three Diamond Stake Final, 2 divisions and Final of Pennsylvania Sire Stakes. At 3, winner of multiple Pennsylvania Sire Stakes legs and Final, Tattersalls Stake at The Red Mile. At 4, winner of Betsy Ross Invitational, etc. (Matt’s Scooter)

SHACKED UP (M) 2, 1:52.3: 3,1:49.4 ($1,466,978) - 29 Wins. At 2, winner of Ontario Sire Stakes elimination and Gold Final and Super Gold. At 3, winner of Ontario Sire Stakes Gold elimination, Gold Final and Super Gold Final, Fan Hanover Stake elimination, James Lynch Memorial elimination, Ontario SBOA Stake Final, Simcoe Stakes division. At 4, winner of Industrial Highway Series leg (twice), Open (twice) at Yonkers. Winner of Yonkers Matchmaker Series Consolation, Yonkers Matchmakers Series elimination, Open at Dover Downs, at Harrington, at Saratoga Harness, at Yonkers (twice).  (Falcon Seelster)   

DROP THE BALL (M) 1:48.2 ($1,430,723) - 24 Wins. At 2, winner of Countess Adios Stakes,New York Sires Stake division, Tompkins-Geers Stakes. At 3, winner of Mistletoe Shalee Final, Matron Stakes division and Final, Bluegrass Series division, Breeders Crown elimination, Shady Dasiy Stakes division. At 4, winner of Allerage Farms Stakes division, Green With Envy Series leg and Final, Milton Stakes elimination, Roses Are Red Stakes elimination; second in Breeders Crown Final, Roses Are Red Stakes Final.  As Aged, winner of Lady Liberty Stakes Final, Invitation at Pocono Downs, Preferred (3 times) at Pocono Downs, Roses Are Red Stakes elimination.  (Matt’s Scooter)

TAKE IT BACK TERRY 2,1:55.1f, 3,1:51.4f, 4,1:50 ($1,428,423) 53 wins. At 2, winner of PA Stallion Series div at Harrahs Chester Casino, div at The Meadows. At 3, winner of Circle City S. div at Indiana Downs, PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows, div at Harrahs Philadelphia. At 4, winner of Hudson River Series leg at Pocono Downs, Open at Greenville. As aged, winner of George Morton Levy Series leg (3 times) at Yonkers, Gold Cup & Saucer elim at Charlottetown Driving Park, final at Charlottetown Driving Park, Open at Yonkers, Preferred at Yonkers.

YELLOW DIAMOND (M) 3, 1:49.4 ($1,387,013) - 16 Wins. USA 3-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the Year. At 3, winner of Breeders Crown Final, Ontario Sire Stakes Gold elimination and Final, James Lynch Memorial elimination and Final, the Tarport Hap Stake, American-National Stake, the Glen Garnsey Memorial Stake, Cinderella Stakes division, Fan Hanover Stake elimination, Lady Maud Stake elimination, Ontario Sires Spring Series leg, Tender Loving Care Series Final. (Matt’s Scooter)

UP THE CREDIT 2, 1:51.4; 3, 1:49; 1:48.3 -'13 ($1,331,623) - 15 Wins. Canadian 3-Year-Old Pacing Colt of The Year. At 2, winner of Dream Maker Series leg at Mohawk, New York Sires S takes division at Buffalo. At 3, winner of the elimination and Final of the $1 Million North America Cup, The Meadowlands Pace Consolation, Diplomat Pacing  Series Final, the Simcoe Stakes, The Somebeachsomewhere Stake elimination.  (Pacific Rocket)

AGENT Q 3,1:48.4 ($1,189,215) - 13 Wins. At 3, PASS division and final. At 3, James Lynch Memorial elimination and Final, Matron Stakes, Mistletoe Shalee Meadowlands, The Circle City Final. (Real Desire)

IDEAL RACE 1:49.3 ($1,053,717) - 63 Wins. At 3, winner of Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elimination and Final, Summertime Pacing Series leg; second in Matron Stakes Final at Dover Downs. At 4, winner of Willowdale Pacing Series leg and Final, etc. As Aged, winner of Masters Series elimination, Preferred (twice) at Mohawk, at Woodbine, etc. (Big Towner)

CODE WORD  1:50.2 ($1,049,807) - 45 Wins. At 2, winner of Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final.  At 3, winner of Upper Canada Cup consolation; second in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final.  At 4, winner of Aquarius Series leg, Sagamore Hill Series elimination and consolation.  As Aged, winner of George Morton Levy Pacing Series leg and Consolation, Open (3 times) at Saratoga Harness, (twice) at Yonkers, Preferred at Yonkers, etc. (Northern Luck)

SAFE FROM TERROR (M) 2,1:54.3f, 3,1:50.3 ($955,727) 49 wins. At 2, second in PASS Championship cons at Pocono Downs. Now 3, winner of Keystone Classic div at The Meadows, PASS div (twice) at The Meadows, final at Pocono Downs; second in Worldly Beauty Series leg at The Meadowlands.

HIGHER AND HIGHER (M) 2,1:51.2: 3,1:50.3: 1:49.1 ($944,224) - 26 Wins. At 2, winner of Bluegrass Stakes, Breeders Crown elimination, International Stallion Stakes division, She’s A Great Lady Stakes elimination, Three Diamonds Stakes elimination.  At 4, multiple Open winner, Betsy Ross Pace leg. As Aged, winner of Cape & Cutter Series leg (twice), Overbid Series leg, Preferred Pace at The Meadowlands, etc. (Cambest)

STONEBRIDGE TERROR  1:51.1 ($834,408) - 16 Wins. At 2, second in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final at Woodbine; third in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elimination. At 3, winner of Canadian Breeders Championship elimination, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elimination, Upper Canada Cup Final at Georgian Downs; second in Bud Light Stakes, Canadian Breeders Championship Final, etc. At 4, winner of Gold Cup & Saucer elimination, Molson Pace elimination; second in Gold Cup & Saucer Final, Masters Series Final. As Aged, winner of Gold Cup & Saucer elimination, etc.  (Abercrombie)

E Z NOAH 2,1:53, 3,1:50f, 1:49.2f ($759,936) 40 wins. At 2, second in Equinox Series leg (twice) at Pocono Downs. At 3, winner of Keystone Classic S. div at The Meadows, Monument Circle S. cons at Indiana Downs, PA Stallion Series div at The Meadows, div at Pocono Downs, PASS div at Harrahs Philadelphia. At 4, second in George Morton Levy Pacing Series leg at Yonkers; third in George Morton Levy Series leg at Yonkers. As aged, winner of Open at Dover Downs; second in Open at Dover Downs, at Pompano Park.

MOJO TERROR  1:50.4 ($741,258) - 38 Wins. At 3, winner of Jr Trendsetter Series leg (twice, New York Sires Stakes division (6 times) and New York Sires Stakes Final.  As Aged, winner of Open (4 times) at Harrington, etc.  (Real Artist)

STRAIGHT SHOOTING  1:50.1 ($735,286) - 16 Wins. At 2, winner of Metro Pace consolation, Nassagaweya Stakes division; second in Bluegrass Stakes division, Champlain Stakes division. At 3, winner of American-National Stakes, North America Cup consolation; second in Little Brown Jug division; third in Little Brown Jug Final, Messenger Stakes Final. At 4, third in Open at Tioga Downs, Preferred at Freehold. As Aged, winner of Preferred at Grand River, etc.  (Matt’s Scooter)

RESCUE PLAN  1:49.2 ($690,188) - 32 Wins. At 2, second in Battle of Waterloo Stakes elimination; third in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final. At 3, third in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elimination, Simcoe Stakes division, etc.  (Direct Scooter)

NEW ALBUM (M)  1:51.2 ($476,972) - 15 Wins. At 2, winner of Matron Stakes elimination, New York Bred LC division, New York Sires Stakes division at Tioga Downs. At 3, winner of Empire Breeders Classic elimination, New York Fair Stakes division, New York Sires Stakes division (4 times),  Valley Forge Stakes consolation.  At 4, second in Open at Harrahs Philadelphia; third in Yonkers Matchmaker Series elimination, Green With Envy Series leg. (Falcon Seelster)

SEA VENTURE 1:51 ($475,207) - 21 Wins. At 2, winner of Event 4 LC leg, Late Closer Event D leg; second in Event D LC leg at The Red Mile. At 3, winner of New York Sires Stakes division (twice), Summer Survivor Series leg; second in Messenger Stakes Final. At 4, winner of Levy Memorial elimination (twice), etc. (Life Sign)

FBS TERROR (M) 1:53.1 ($440,622) - 5 Wins. At 2, winner of Battle of the Belles elimination and Final, Ontario Sires Stakes elimination and Final; second in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final.  At 3, second in Ontairo Sires Stakes Gold Final at Grand River.  (Abercrombie)

FAST PAY  1:49 ($424,516) - 9 Wins. At 2, winner of Ontario Sires Stake Grassroots division & Final. At 3, winner of Ontario Sires Stakes elim, Final and Gold Final; second in two Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elims, etc.  (Abercrombie)

NORTHERN DUCHESS (M) 1:50.2 ($415,701) - 11 Wins. At 2, winner of Bud Light Stakes division, Robert Stewart Stakes division. At 3, winner of Trillium Stakes division at Woodbine; second in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold elim.  (Run The Table)


1:50 or Faster Performers in North America

Performer Record Earnings Dam Sire of Dam
OSCAR OSCAR 1:48.1 $315,381 Cup Of Jo Matt’s Scooter
DROP THE BALL 1:48.2 $1,405,365 Mattcheck Girl Matt’s Scooter
AT PRESS TIME 1:48.2 $308,183 So Right Jate Lobell
UP THE CREDIT 1:48.3 $1,334,834 Cantbuymehappiness Pacific Rocket
CLINT WESTWOOD 1:48.4 $281,853 Mattaroni Matt’s Scooter
ATTA BOY DAN 1:48.4 $175,305 Dropitlikeitshot Cambest
ECONOMY TERROR 1:49 $1,638,534 Mattatonic Matt’s Scooter
FAST PAY 1:49 $383,286 Speedy Shopper Abercrombie
SHOCK IT TO ‘EM 1:49 $201,550 Tootsie J Real Artist
ERLE DALE N 1:49 $105,495 Cath Hanover Vance Hanover
HIGHER HIGHER 1:49.1 $923,475 Pro Bowl Best Cambest
RESCUE PLAN 1:49.2 $553,920 Lifetime Romance Direct Scooter
MOSEE TERROR 1:49.1 $301,022 Shimmer Life SIgn
FATEFUL CHOICE 1:49.2 $118,620 Mattatonic Matt’s Scooter
IDEAL RACE 1:49.3 $811,304 Eidette Hanover Big Towner
BEECHWOOD TERROR 1:49.3 $153,452 Mattgellan Matt’s Scooter
SHACKED UP 1:49.4 $1,390,789 Sapphire Dawn Falcon Seelster
YELLOW DIAMOND 1:49.4 $1,335,881 Mattatonic Matt’s Scooter
OR 1:49.4 $419,658 Jen And Lissy Big Towner
MAYTIME TERROR 1:49.4 $256,903 Maytime Hall Cambest
TAKE IT BACK TERRY 1:50 $383,012 Second Symphone Abercrombie
E Z NOAH 1:50 $347,252 Her Mattjesty Matt’s Scooter
LUCKY TERROR 1:50 $270,842 Miracle Luck Camluck
JUNGLE OF TERROR 1:50 $126,293 Jungle Print Artsplace